Your Compass in the Portuguese Remote Work Landscape

Van Vo

Founder & Digital Strategist

Worktugal is more than a platform; it is a thriving community dedicated to empowering remote workers in Portugal, from digital nomads and freelancers to entrepreneurs and job seekers. It was founded in April 2022 by Van Vo, a foreign remote worker, and Pedro Ayala, a Lisbon citizen.


🤩 Why Worktugal?

Because we understand the nuances and challenges of navigating remote work in a new country. We simplify your transition by offering comprehensive guides, reliable resources, and a supportive community to help you flourish in your wealth, health, and relationships in Portugal.


🎁 What We Offer

Community: Engage, share, and learn with fellow remote workers.

Knowledge: Navigate through Portugal’s remote work landscape with our insights and guidance.

Support: Get holistic help that addresses professional and personal aspects of remote work.


🔭 Our Vision

To be your go-to source, offering solutions, connections, and information that make remote work in Portugal straightforward and rewarding.

Whether you’re an employer, a job-seeker, or a digital nomad, you’re a vital part of our community. Join us to not just adapt, but to thrive in your Portuguese remote work journey.


📲 Connect with us at he***@wo*******.com and become a part of our journey toward empowered remote work in Portugal.

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Van Vo, Founder and Digital Strategist